B Merwan Bakery

100 Year old B. Merwan & Co. (1914 – 2014 ) re-opening?

B Merwan Bakery
B Merwan Bakery
Address: Shop No. 1/ 2, Bamar Merwan Building, Frere Bridge, Allibhai Premji Road, Pannalal Terrace, Bharat Nagar, Grant Road East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007, India
Phone:+91 22 2309 3321

Open again?

Pleas let us know if this is true and what is the opening date. thanks.

2 thoughts on “100 Year old B. Merwan & Co. (1914 – 2014 ) re-opening?

  1. Makki, I am trying to verify. Indeed reconnecting with old school friends will be so good. Isnt the web technology wonderful? Please do let us know here, if you hear any news too. Thanks. Rita

  2. Please let me know if they are the same owners? I would love to reconnect with my school friend Havovi the daughter of the owner.

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