July 21, 2015

15 Bengali Vegetarian Dishes You Need To Taste Once In Your Life

by Anwesha Maiti

It’s raining outside, and I have just been back from home, Bengal, the best place on earth for a foodie. You can probably guess how I feel right now!

When I say that I nearly stuffed myself to death with food, believe me, I am not exaggerating. What with trying to make my numerous grandmas and aunts and my mum happy, I hogged like a pig, because “aha, okhane toh bangali ranna pabi na!”.

And despite being a hardcore non-vegetarian, each time home, I eat more Bengali vegetarian dishes than non-veg, courtesy the old-timey ladies in my life. And since I’m feeling generous, let me share some of those vegetarian gems that come from the mine that is a Bengali ‘ranna-ghor’.

1. Shukto, because we start our food with the beautiful bitter

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This bitter-sweet dish is made with common veggies like papaya, carrots, but bitter-gourd steals the show. Try it out, you won’t regret. Here is a recipe.


2. Naksha bori (designed and sundried lentils fried) bhaja


Shada bhaat with sona mooger daal, gondhoraaj lebu, and this baby. I can’t even.


3. Radhaballabhi

Image source

Or call it daal poori if you must, but it can beat all kinds of bread any day. Here is a recipefor you.


4. And some chhoto aloor dum

Image source

They may be baby potatoes, but the dish is super rich in taste. It’s not hard to make, so go try cooking it.


5. Mishti polao, that beats all kinds of rice preparations any day

Image source

Heaven on earth, this sweet pulao dish. Here’s a recipe.


6. With dhokar dalna (curry made of fried chana daal patties) maybe

Image source

Care for some awesomeness? Here’s a recipe.


7. Or do you prefer chhanar dalna (cottage cheese curry)

Image source

And some more of that awesomeness? Check out the recipe.


8. Let us not forget the beauty that is potoler dolma

Image source

I can die every day, eating this dish of stuffed pointed gourds!


9. Bhaja moog daaler khichuri

Image source

The staple food for Durgapuja, Saraswati puja, Lakshmi puja and rainy days, this special khichdi is made with fried moong daal. It’s also super easy to make.


10. Accompanied by some labra

Image source

Because khichuri is not khichuri without some labra (a mixed veg curry, Bengali style).


11. Chhyanchra

Image source

The bad guy of Bengali cuisine that nobody can resist, this curry is made with potatoes, pumpkins and generally fish head, but believe me, the veg version is even more rad! Here’s a recipe.


12. And chapor ghonto

Image source

Wishfully types Here’s a recipe for this vegetable curry made with lentil patties.


13. Or mochar ghonto (banana blossom curry)

Image source

This is not food. This is art. Here’s how to make this art.


14. Sojne dantar chorchori

Image source

Chewing, that’s how we do it. Here’s the recipe for the drumsticks curry made with mustard and poppy seeds.


15. Mohanbhog (sweet sooji)

Image source

Because “sesh paate mishti”. Here’s a recipe!

Are you having second thoughts about turning a veg? I know the feeling, bruh!


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