Non-Veg Cookbook w Traditional mouth watering recipes

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TITLE: PARSI CUISINE: Meat Parsi Cuisine

This cookbook has 34 Meat (non-veg) Recipes with instructions.
Cookbook is fully indexed for recipes and with Table of Contents.
1. Doodhi ma Gosht
2. Jardaloo ma Gosht
3. French Beans ma Gosht
4. Khariya / Goat Trotters
5. Chicken Mahivalla / Chicken in Cream
6. Khari Murghi – Salty Chicken
7. Sali ma Marghi or Boti
8. How to make Sali / Potato Matchsticks
9. Britannia Chicken or Sali Boti
10. Jamshed’s Kheemo
11. Chicken / Mutton Cutlets
12. Tomato Gravy
13. Dhansak
14. Brown Rice
15. Kachumbar
16. Dhansak Masala Powder
17. Papri ma Kavab
18. Ambakalio
19. Kebabs
20. Chicken Curry
21. Banana Cutlets
22. Essentials of a Parsi Kitchen
23. Chaspaila Sakerkand Ma Murghi
24. Nizami Chicken
25. Chicken / Mutton Dum Biryani
26. Jamshed’s Parsi Kheemo
27. Mutton Biryani
28. Tambota ma Kheemo Potato
29. Khurchan
30. Grilled Chicken Sizzlers
31. Kid Gosht
32. Madras Chicken Curry
33. Jungli Shikar
34. Gahambar nu Papeta ma Gosht
Parsi Non-Veg Recipes and step by step instructions for making tasty Mutton, Chicken, Lamb with vegetables. Gosht is the parsi indian avancular word for Meat. Favorites of Gahambar nu Papeta ma Gosht , Doodhi ma Gosht , Jardaloo ma Gosht , French Beans ma Gosht , Khariya / Goat Trotters Chicken Mahivalla / Chicken in Cream , Khari Murghi Chicken , Sali Boti , Kheemo , Chicken / Mutton Cutlets with Tomato Gravy , Dhansak, Brown Rice, Dhansak Masala Powder, Papri ma Kavab, Chicken Curry, Banana Cutlets, Sweet Potato and Meat.

Plus Essential spices of a Parsi Kitchen. The best Kid Gosht, Nizami Chicken , Chicken / Mutton Dum Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Livers Khurchan, Grilled Chicken Sizzlers, Badami Chicken, Madras Chicken Curry to satiate your meat cravings! When going on a hunt and bringing the meat back make Jungli Shikar – the parsi way!

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