Navroze 2021

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Best wishes for a very Happy Navroze for you and your family in 2021. Here are many recipes that you can enjoy and cook with. These class recipes are free for Navroze and beyond 🙂 Please click on link to get my recipes and Navroze Mubarak! – Rita Parsi Feast for Navroze Learn how Zoroastrians […]

Falooda – a drink for the hot summer with Rose, Cream and yummy ice-cream

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Hot Summer Days call for Cold Falooda!

Risks and Benefits of Tukmaria Seeds

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Tukmaria Seeds (ocimum basilicum) are also known as tukham malanga. They are holy seeds in many Asian countries, due to their exceptional qualities. Precautions Tukmaria seeds should not be given directly to children, since they can choke on it. A word of caution. In case of pregnant women, these seeds are known to lower down […]

Risks Of Basil During Pregnancy

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Risks Of Basil (Tulsi) During Pregnancy

Falooda Ice-cream Mawa Cake

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Layered Falooda Ice Cream Cake (cardamom flavored cake layered with falooda ice cream) by  ‎Kshama Parikh‎ is an artist and a blooger. Kshama’s blog is  Kshama also blogs in the Facebook group Foodaholics in Ahmedabad #Parsi #Cuisine The word Parsi means Persian and it is evident that Parsi cuisine is influenced by their Persian roots as […]