Indian Grocery Stores

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ACTON Little Market Address: 276 Great Road Acton, MA, 01720; Tel: (978) 263 0675 Shiva’s Super Bazaar Address: 5 Nagog Park, Acton, MA 01720; Tel: (978) 429-8043 ALLSTON Cheema Supermarket Address: 562 Cambridge St, Allston, MA, 02134; Tel: (617) 783-9800 ASHLAND The Real Food Address: 200 Butterfield Drive, Unit B, Ashland, MA, 01721; Tel: (508) […]

Cow Dung purifies every kind of impurity

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The Upanishads say, “Gomaye Vasate Lakshmi”, meaning the Goddess Lakshmi lives in the cow dung.
The epic Mahabharata says, “Of all the 84 lakh (8.4 million) species of living entities, only the cow is such an entity whose dung is not impure, but rather it purifies every kind of impurity.”
According to the Text, Shridharmapaddathi,” Every day early in the morning, the woman of the house should smear cow dung throughout the home, once she has done so, she will meet with no difficulties at all”.
“In the early morning, the threshold of the house is not to be left blank. The Goddess, the Deity of all resides at the threshold. The woman must smear cow dung at the threshold and make auspicious powder designs over it and mark with an auspicious sign of swastika. A woman who follows these rituals will have three things: wealth, long life and good reputation”

White Pumpkin Preserve “Kohra no Murambo”

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An old parsi favorite, White Pumpkin Preserve “Kohra no Murambo”. Saw the white pumpkin today at the garden center in Home Depot !!!   Murambo goes with toast (burnt or lightly toasted), Fried eggs (half – fried eggs or fully fried crisp). My mother in law, Jalloo used to make it and add peaches or […]

Irish Butter Kerrygold Has Conquered America’s Kitchens or NOT ?

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Irish Butter Kerrygold Has Conquered America’s Kitchens or NOT ?

Cooking With the Parsis

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Cooking With the Parsis; Parsi: Indian Spices, Mideastern Cooking; Tehmina Alphonse’s Parsi Recipes Method for Making Ghee Kheema Kebabs (Spiced meatballs) Mango Kulfi Dhansak (Chicken with lentil puree) By Craig Claiborne PRINCETON, N.J. WOULD YOU come to dinner?” Tehmina Alphonse asked. “I will prepare you the traditional meal of the Parsis in India. Our culture […]

Mr Boman Rashid Kohinoor passed away.

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The Britannia Parsi restaurant in Mumbai Indian Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks by Rita Jamshed Kapadia, are available. Please contact or purchase directly on Amazon.

Parsi Films that never made it

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When Harry met Salli BotiBohemian RhapsodawaterwallaTata, Mr. ChipsSo near, yet so farchaMalcolm Baug XLast Tango in Parsi ColonyWhere Eagles DaruwallaHomi AloneDhansak With WolvesChariots of Fire TempleTehmina the Shrew and/or The Taming of KekashrooAnahita HallGuess Who’s Coming to DinyarAntony and Cleopatra ni machhiApocalypse NowrowjiDriving Miss DinshawDinshawshank Redemption and/or Maneckshawshank RedemptionThe Big LeBawaskiAdil To Pagal HaiWaiting for […]

Mushkil Asaan & Behram Yazad | Zoroastrian Friday Prayer | The Woodcutter & His Fortune

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Khordad Saal Mubarak

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Khordad Sal The birthday of Zoroaster Khordad Sal is celebrated as the birthday of Zoroaster. This is known as the ‘Greater Noruz’ and happens six days after Navroze. The chosen date is symbolic since the actual date of the Prophet’s birth cannot be identified accurately. This festival is considered one of the most important in the Zoroastrian […]

Happy New Year to all our Parsi Fans

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May the New Year bring Good Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity to Zarathushtis Globally. Wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Parsi New Year!Best wishes,Rita Serving the Zarathushti Community for 20 Years. Indian Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks by Rita Jamshed Kapadia, are available. Please contact or purchase directly on Amazon.

Millenials in Franchising: The Burger Boss

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FRANCHISING PROVIDES AN ALTERNATIVE PATH FOR ARMAAN DIVECHA, FRESH BURGER’S ONLY MILLENNIAL FRANCHISEE Before becoming the youngest Fresh Burger franchisee in the company’s history, Armaan Divecha was an unmotivated student, dragging his feet to his university classes. “I took some courses and considered a few majors, but school wasn’t really motivating me,” Divecha says. “I was feeling […]

Dar ni Pori Bake a Thon

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Extracted from the FEZANA Journal –Fall 2013 by Aban Daboo On March 30th the Arbab Rustam Guiv Darbe Mehr head start, Nergish and ZAC President, Dinaz Weber start.(home of the awesome Zoroastrian Association of Chicago preparing the pastry the day before the Bake-a-thon. ZAC) was buzzing from morning till night with the community. By 10 […]

Understanding Parsi Food & Customs in the light of Zoroastrian religion

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by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia Many a Parsi customs, because they are not properly understood or traced to Avestan times or scriptures, are believed to be of Hindu origin. This is not entirely correct as we will shortly see. Only perhaps 20% of the customs are of later origin. Some have undergone minor changes on […]

Parsi Industrial co-op society in Ahmedabad

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In the only place in Ahmedabad where you can get Parsi cuisine outside the home, the last Parsi cook looks back at better days. The kitchen of the Zoroastrian Ladies Cooperative Society (ZLCS), in a busy lane in Khanpur in the walled city of Ahmedabad, is brimming with activity. In a corner of the impeccably […]

YouTube Channel for Parsi Cuisine

By 4 comments Indian Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks by Rita Jamshed Kapadia, are available. Please contact or purchase directly on Amazon.