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Treasured Grandmother’s Recipes

Zoroastrian Parsi Celebrations and Ceremonies Authored by Mrs. Rita Jamshed Kapadia Illustrated by Mrs. Rita Jamshed Kapadia Edition: 1 Hello,… Continue reading »

Direct Book purchase plan gives you a low price on our cookbooks

Exclusively purchase printed / paperback cookbooks directly from this site.                    … Continue reading »

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to cook?

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to cook? We have you covered with  12 cookbooks…. Continue reading »

The Carlisle Gleason Public Library Presentation and Feature Story

The event was wonderful! It was a pleasure to share my history and heritage with the Carlisle town folk, who… Continue reading »

Cookbook Series: Dhansak

Enjoy learning how to make a very mouth-watering, satisfying and healthy Parsi Dhansak Meal – a Instant Pot Meal

Recipe (Also spelt as  Dhansaak, Dhanshak,  Dhunsak, Thansak) Vegetarians can leave the meat out and make the dal, it comes… Continue reading »

Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks

Mega Cookbook: Manna of the 21st Century  Paperback 8.5″ x 11″ ISBN-10: 1499730284 ISBN-13: 978-1499730289         Parsi… Continue reading »

Katy Dalal Cookbooks: “Jamva Chaloji”,”Seafood Fiesta” and “Vitality” (a book on vegetables and their nutritive content and benefits).

Archaeology and Catering:The Dalal Family Came to know a lovely couple,the Dalals through friends.Kurush Dalal is an archaeologist and a… Continue reading »

E-Cookbooks from

Indian Parsi Kitchen for catering **************************************************************************************** Pickles Chutneys and Preserves **************************************************************************************** Seafood **************************************************************************************** Dhansak ************************************************************************************* Desserts  **************************************************************************************** Egg Dishes **************************************************************************************** Vegetarian… Continue reading »

Bhicoo Manekshaw Cookbooks and a tribute to her passing away

Bhicoo Manekshaw, the food writer has passed away. She wrote really excellent, professionally done and well researched cookbooks, like her… Continue reading »

Father’s Day: A Foreword by my Father

Evolution of Cooking and a Foreword by my Father. The theory of Evolution of Universe has been discussed by Darwin, Einstein,… Continue reading »


Chicken Mahivalla / Chicken in Cream

A Parsi Baked Dish Chicken Mahivalla / Chicken in Cream INGREDIENTS 200 grms almonds, blanch, slice and fried 200 grms… Continue reading »

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