Are you a brand that loves to work with bloggers? I love working with you too! I love taking quality products and showcasing them in restaurant quality food people can easily make at home. I specialize in food video production and love being able to both show and tell people about the products I love. The website had over 233,264 page views, reaching many unique visitors. On Facebook my reach is over  1 million per month. On Twitter I have over 700 followers, and The ParsiCuisine  YouTube channel sees over 50,000 views per month.  Not to forget my Pinterest and other social media hotspots..

SERVICES OFFERED by AltaVisions (sister site)

  • Recipe Development
  • Book Publishing
  • Blog Post
  • Book Cover graphic designs
  • Professional Graphics
  • Business Logos


For placing advertisements on this site, contact us for rates and details at The current ad sizes offered are sidebar medium rectangle (300250) and header/footer leaderboard (72890.)

Why advertise on ?

Advertising on ParsiCuisine can help your business in two ways:

1. Your product will be advertised and  will boost your ability to be found in search engines by having your link hard coded on over 700 pages. Moreover has thousands of pages linked to it. Therefore,  you will have a steady stream of spider traffic from the search engines which should keep your product actively cataloged and found in search engines.

2. It provides US and International Customers  for your products or services.

3. With paid reviews, you are paying for our time to conduct a review. We need a sample of your product to accurately review it. We will be honest in our review, so please make sure you only ask us to review quality products.


$15 for a month

$35 for 3 months

$80 for one-time 

We accept  payments via PayPal.


Questions? Please email us at

You will receive a reply, usually within 24 hours.

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