Agarni na Lavra
Agarni na Lavra
Agarni na Lavra

Agarni is a ceremony performed for the mother-to-be.

Special sweets (Lavras) are made and kept in the mother’s lap with a full set of Saree clothes.

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  1. the pregnant girl is given garland and kanku tikka done on her forehead. Larvas 7 in number r made and one big in size out of them is kept in the pallu of the sari along with the pan, supari kharak , wheat,nariyal. the girl is then taken to her mother’s house where it is emptied into the girl’s mother’s lap.
    after some drinks and snacks the same is repeated and she is brought back.and once again emptied on the boys mom’s lap. Ofcourse a cash envelope (amt of your choice) is also kept which i forgot to mention.
    everyone gives cash or gifts to the couple, enjoy food or snacks and thats it.

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