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Agarni na Lavra

Agarni is a ceremony performed for the mother-to-be. Each guest invited for this ceremony gets one Agarni Lavra to take home. 

These lavras are kept in the mother’s lap with a full set of Saree clothes, whole coconut decorated with tilli (red kanku to be used), sugar cubes (sakar) and flowers.

After the above “Khoro Bharvani” ceremony, the mother to be goes into a private area and puts on the new sari, jewelry and comes out. The mother puts a fresh flower garland around her neck, a red tilli on her forehead, sprinkles rice over her and gives her heart-felt blessings and good wishes. 

The Agarni ceremony is performed in the seventh or in some cases, the ninth month of pregnancy.  This ceremony is performed only on a Thursday or Sunday. The pregnant woman receives a new set of clothes and a gold chain or bangles from her parents.  Specially made agarni ladvo (cone-shaped mithai) is distributed among family members and friends.  The agarni ceremony is performed by five or seven married Parsi ladies, who are mothers themselves. 

For the khoro bharvani ceremony, the mother-in-law of the pregnant woman makes her daughter sit on a chair and places a coconut, wheat seeds, bananas, pomegranate and the agharni ladvo (1 and 1/4th kg) in her sari pallav.

A small ses with clothes, rice, kanku (red vermillion), flower garland along with seven small agharni ladvas are also kept near the mother-to-be during the ceremony. 

The mother-to-be is then taken to her maternal house, where the same ceremony is repeated and the seven ladvas are exchanged among the families.

In the olden days, the mother-to-be would go to her maternal house for her first delivery.  After the agharni ceremony is done, she would go to her maternal house on an auspicious day and stay there till the baby was about five months old.

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Special sweets called Agarni na Lavras are made from Moti Choor Laddo mix for this ceremony. 





6 thoughts on “Agarni

  1. Hi Sanaya,
    Agarni ceremony is traditionally done only for the first born. It is for the “Mother-to-be” and child.
    However there is no restriction for the second-born if you want to celebrate as a baby shower 🙂
    Rita aunty

  2. Is agarni ceremony done only for the first born?? Or for the second born too??

  3. the pregnant girl is given garland and kanku tikka done on her forehead. Larvas 7 in number r made and one big in size out of them is kept in the pallu of the sari along with the pan, supari kharak , wheat,nariyal. the girl is then taken to her mother’s house where it is emptied into the girl’s mother’s lap.
    after some drinks and snacks the same is repeated and she is brought back.and once again emptied on the boys mom’s lap. Ofcourse a cash envelope (amt of your choice) is also kept which i forgot to mention.
    everyone gives cash or gifts to the couple, enjoy food or snacks and thats it.

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