September 22, 2018 Almond Chicken

Almond Chicken

1 lb chicken  (cut in small pieces)
Half a cup of blanched and peeled almond paste
1 cup yogurt

3 dry red chilies
3 bay leaves
1 teaspoon ginger/garlic paste
2 onions ground to a paste
half a cup of warm milk with a few strands of saffron (kesar) dissolved in it
pinch of turmeric
a few sultanas (optional)
salt to taste
some fresh chopped coriander leaves.
Marinate the chicken for 3 to 4 hours in salt, yogurt and ginger garlic paste
Heat oil or pure ghee, add the dry red chilies and bay leaves
Add the ground onion paste and slow fry until light brown
Add the ground almond paste, stir well and let it fry along
Add the marinated chicken, with all its marinade juices and mix well.
Allow to simmer and cook on a low flame with a lid on the pan, until chicken is tender.
Add the saffron flavored milk, throw in a few sultanas
Let the juices dry up a bit and then garnish with fresh coriander
Serve with hot chapatis or naan
To Reheat : Microwave for 20 minutes, covered with paper towels or a Collapsible Microwave Cover


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  1. Please send a recipe of good fish saas (Lagan no machi no saas ) will be really very grateful


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