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CUISINE FOR A CAUSE is a unique cookbook that includes recipes of two kinds – the traditional gastronomic variety, and the ones that make up the philanthropic success stories that Parsis are equally renowned for. In all, the book profiles 37 organisations which Parsis have founded, head, or are part of. From noted dancers Shiamak Davar and Astad Deboo, to female philanthropists like Rati Forbes and Anu Aga who have showcased the human face of Indian corporate, and much-loved institutions like Sir Ratan Tata Trust (RTI) and Women’s India Trust, they all share their insights on giving and contribute favorite Parsi recipes.

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CFC – 2 sample profiles

This book is available at a discounted price of Rs 500/- in India. (+ courier charges. To purchase please contact:

Martina at  (022) 2284 6534 or
(Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy office.)

WHY: To commemorate the 25th year of Centre For Advancement of Philanthropy (CAP), we have decided not only to recognise the work achieved by these organisations, who have benefitted from our advisory and training over the years, but also give a larger audience the opportunity to know them better through a medium that appeals to every heart – food; specifically, Parsi food.

Additionally, the book has a special treat for fans of the legendary Parsi ‘Lagan Nu Patru’ the wedding meal that owes its fame as much to the legions of skilled wedding caterers as to the delectable nature of Parsi food. It chronicles the life and times of Tanaz Godiwalla, Kaizad Patel and Kurush Dalal, three exemplars of this profession, and also gets them share their signature recipes.

CUISINE FOR A CAUSE book has been compiled by Meher Gandevia-Billimoria, a consultant with CAP, who has been actively involved in the voluntary sector through her work with The Akanksha Foundation, The Research Society – Jai Vakeel School, V Care Foundation, Catalysts For Social Action.

Most want to do good. However, intent is not often translated into action. CUISINE FOR A CAUSE is an opportunity to consider how one can contribute to a buffet of causes that have been laid out. Towards this effort, all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to charity.

ABOUT US: Founded in 1986, the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy guides and assists philanthropic organisations (donor or donee) in India stay legally compliant and well- governed. The organisation was founded among others by Late H.T. Parekh (HDFC), Russi Lala (former Director of Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust), and Darius Forbes (Chairman, Forbes Marshall Ltd.)

Mr. Noshir Dadrawala is the current CEO.

WHAT WE DO: The Centre’s services extend to Corporate, Family and Community Foundations, Charitable Trusts, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Units, Financial Institutions and Professionals, High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), both well-established and start-up Non-profit Organisations, Nodal Agencies, Advocacy Groups, and various Civil Society Organisations.

CAP serves its members as a resource organisation by providing access to legal support and by offering programmes that optimise their functioning. These include Consultancy, wherein CAP helps its members stay legally compliant and abreast of the latest trends in the voluntary sector; Training on topics of common interest, visibility to the nonprofit community and as a connector to other professionals; Resource Books on practical topics such as fund-raising, good management etc that provide topical and relevant information and advice and a Newsletter that keeps subscribers abreast of current trends and happenings in the philanthropic sector. As part of its Advocacy initiatives, CAP networks with other organisations and makes representations to the government and its various regulatory arms on matters affecting the philanthropy and non-profit sector.



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