February 18, 2018 Book: Like sugar in milk

Book: Like sugar in milk

by Majlend Bramo

This is the story of the Parsis, a small community following one of the oldest religion on Earth – Zoroastrianism. A community that is also trying to survive against its diminishing numbers.

It is said that Zarthushtra, the prophet of Zoroastrianism, lived around 800 BCE and taught the core concept of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds. This early religion found its influence in all monotheistic religions that followed.

The Parsis arrived on the west coast of India 1200 years ago, when their homeland, Persia, was invaded by the Arabs.
After settling in India, they moved to Mumbai where the majority now resides.
The risk that the community will disappear is real: in 1961 there were 110,000 Parsis, in 2011 the number dropped down to half – 57,000. The government of India too has taken unique measures to revitalize the community. Its Jiyo Parsi scheme provides free fertility help to Parsi couples trying to conceive babies.

When they arrived in India as refugees asking for asylum they promised to meld in the Indian society like sugar in milk. And so they did, from altering the landscape of Mumbai with numerous statues of great Parsi minds, to giving India some of the greatest industrial groups like Tata, Godrej, Wadia, Shapoorji Pallonji. The Parsis made India theirs as much as Indian embraced them as their own.

An example that Europe can learn from, especially in the times we are living in.

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About Majlend Bramo

Majlend Bramo is a documentary photographer based in Italy, traveling worldwide to document social issues. He has been working with agency Massimo Sestini News Pictures for 6 years in the News photography field, covering the major events in Italy and publishing with the main newspapers and magazines like The New York Times, Le Figaró, L’Espresso, Il Corriere della Sera, Oggi, La Stampa, The Sunday Times.

In the same agency he has worked as photoeditor and coordinator of the agency´s photographers.
In 2011 he has joined Italy´s National Order of Journalists.

Unsatisfied by the evanescence of news, he is now working on long term projects as a documentary photographer.

-Sony WPO Award 2017 in Professional, Daily Life, shortlisted finalist with “Like sugar in milk”

-Group exhibition at Piazza Castello, Turin, Italy with the work done for Unesco and Magnum Photos coordinated by Alex Webb, 2016

-Group exhibition at UNESCO La Morra (Piedmont, Italy) with the work realized during the photo residency with Magnum

-Group exhibition at CAMERA Torino with the work realized during the photo residency with Magnum

-Select for photo-residency with MAGNUM photographer Alex Webb on a new Unesco Heritage protected region in north Italy

-Selected for Noor Nikon Masterclass in Belgrade, Serbia 2015 with Stanley Greene, Andrea Bruce and Kadir van Lohuizen

-PX3 2014 Honorable Mention with “Sine Sole” project

-“Sine Sole” project screened during The International Photojournalism Festival of Perpignan – Visa pour l”Image 2014

-Exhibition at the Bratislava Month of Photography with the WPO shortlisted image

-“Brothers of Italy” shortlisted at Sony World Photography Organization Award 2014 in People category



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