March 8, 2016 Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi

Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi

Diabetics can substitute chocolate with coffee – less sugar.

Chocolate Almond Lassi

Total Time: 2 mins melting chocolate + 3 mins grinding

Serves: 3 people


-►200 gms chilled thick yogurt ( you could also use hung curd if you wish)
-►2 tbsp water
-►100 gms dark chocolate chunks (substitute chocolate with coffee – less sugar)
-►4 tbsp nutella at room temperature
-►2 tbsp cocoa powder
-►8 to 9 toasted or roasted almonds sliced into juliennes
-►2 tbsp caster sugar Or brown sugar( I prefer less sugar you can add more if required)
-►a pinch of salt
-►few ice cubes(optional)

-►Combine chocolate, cocoa and nutella into a microwave bowl with 2 tbsp water. Microwave on high power for 60 secs Or until melted.
-►Allow the chocolate to come to room temperature.
-►Now mix melted chocolate, some toasted almonds, chilled yogurt, caster sugar and some ice cubes if using.
-►Grind them into a processor until they all mix evenly.
-►Serve chilled in tall glasses Or matkas Or metal glasses. Decorate on top with reserved toasted almond juliennes.

►It will be better if use chilled yogurt than ice cubes. As ice cubes will make your lassi more thinner.
►You can bake almonds for ten mins at 200 °C. Now chop them into juliennes with a sharp knife.
►Also don’t mix hot melted chocolate with yogurt. Allow the chocolate to come to room temperature then mix with other ingredients.

Note: Substitute chocolate with coffee – less sugar


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