Discover Parsi Fast Food right next to McDonalds !!!



A Parsi eatery at the 2nd food mall on way to Mumbai from Pune. Notice McDonald s is getting competition !!!

Serving Parsi favorites of Dhansak (Dal with brown rice), Poro Pav (Bread & Omelettes), Sali margi (Chicken with Potato Matchsticks), Kheema Pav (Minced meat with Bread).

Photo by Farhad Patel

3 thoughts on “Discover Parsi Fast Food right next to McDonalds !!!

  1. It is on the way from Pune to Mumbai / Udvada. In a mall. Trying to get more info from Farhad.
    Do let us know if you find out anything more.

    I have seen the larger “Ahura” restaurant while touring myself near Dahanu.
    Have not tried the food in it though 🙂

    Here is their website –

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