“Parsi Cuisine Series”

Individual Category Cookbooks (low priced).

Easy to follow recipes, step-by-step instructions and photos for cooking.

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 DhansakDhansak: Parsi Cuisine

 DessertsDesserts: Parsi Cuisine

Indian Parsi KitchenIndian Parsi Kitchen

Celebrations: Celebrating Zoroastrian Festivals and TraditionsCelebrations: Parsi Cuisine

 SeafoodSeafood: Parsi Cuisine

 Pickles, Chutneys and PreservesPickles, Chutney, Masala and Preserves: Parsi Cuisine

Treasured Grandmother's RecipesTreasured Grandmother’s Recipes: Parsi Cuisine

 Parsi Custards and Egg DishesParsi Custards and Egg Dishes: Parsi Cuisine

 Tea of IndiaTea of India: Parsi Cuisine

Vegetarian DelightsVegetarian Delights: Parsi Cuisine

Meats: Parsi Cuisine






Mava Cake LoversMawa Cakes: Parsi Cuisine




Parsi Cuisine:  Manna of the 21st CenturyCOOKBOOK: Parsi Cuisine - Manna of the 21st Century



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