March 14, 2018

FEZANA 2018 Jamshedi Navroze celebration of the Zoroastrianism Awareness Project is proud to support FEZANA in the 2018 Jamshedi Navroze celebration of the Zoroastrianism Awareness Project!

Navroze/NowRuz, the arrival of Spring, on the day of the vernal equinox, around March 21st, is a time for thanksgiving and celebration. The cold and dark days of winter are banished, and the warmth and rejuvenation of spring are ushered in, heralding the victory of light over darkness and knowledge/wisdom over ignorance.

Celebrated as the traditional New Year over three millennia, from the time of the Persians, it brooks no ethnic, national or geographical boundaries. Note the Gregorian calendar is a vestige of this ancient calendar, with September, October, November and December as the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth months respectively after the New Year in March.

NowRuz has been declared an intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations. On this special day, we share traditional sweets with our friends and neighbors.

Here are the FEZANA “Celebrating Navroz with our Neighbors and Friends” details if you wish to participate in the program this year:…/

We suggest  you make any delicacy like Badam ni Boi, Ravo, Bhakhra, Sev, Malido, Nankhatai,, Batasa, Persian Komach Sen , Ghahveh Badam, Aajeel , Nan-nokhodchi, Baghlava , Noghol, Noon-Berenji, Toot (mulberry marzipan) etc. Click on links for recipes on this site.

I made a Marzipan Badam ni Boi. Wrapped it in a decorative gift bag and included the Nowruz Card. Accompanied by my cookbook it makes a nice introduction gift for 2018 Jamshedi Navroze celebration. Please use Contact form to order.

Download the write up that goes with your treat.

FRONT of Nowruz Card

BACK of Nowruz Card



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