October 6, 2016 Global Food Eats – Links

Global Food Eats – Links


  1. Peri’s Spice Ladle
  2. Aban Kekobad  
  3. Cyrus Todiwala 
  4. Parsi and Persian Recipes
  5. Parsi cuisine recipes for food cooked in Udvada, Devka, Dahanu and Gholvad. 
  6. Unusual Chutneys
  7. Mumbai Boss: The Chef Behind Godiwalla Caterers
  8. Parsi Khabar
  9. Home Remedies Guide
  10. All About Cuisines. Connecting Cultures Through Food!
  11. Wikipedia Parsi Cuisine
  12. Of frilly cutlets and wedding custard
  13. A Palatable Parsi Spread
  14. Dishoom – Uncool in Mumbai, revived in London
  15. Mumbai’s Miss Muffets
  16. Crispy Parsi Chicken Farchas
  17. Mirror looks at tea-time darlings in Bawa homes.
  18. Zoroastrians.net
  19. My Persian Kitchen
  20. Hildas touch of Spice Blog
  21. Bawi Bride Kitchen
  22. Jumjoji: Parsi Restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai
  23. Daddy’s Deli: Parsi Cuisine in Bangalore
  24. Parsi Food in Delhi
  25. Jamva Chalo Ji at Zamu’s Place
  26. Tanaz Godiwalla, Parsi Cuisine Caterer


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