November 27, 2018 Food Fact: Green Pepper Bumps story is True or Fake ?

Food Fact: Green Pepper Bumps story is True or Fake ?

There is a food fact floating around of Green Peppers with 3 bumps or 4 bumps.

It claims that the 4 bump pepper is a female and has more seeds and tastes sweet.  The 3 bump pepper is a male and has less seeds and better for cooking.

We at decided to do a real taste test and compare the two Green Peppers.

  • I went to my local grocery store and picked up 2 Large Green Peepers. One with 3 bumps and other with 4 bumps.

  • Washed and cleaned the peppers.

  • Cut each into horizontal halves to measure quantity of seeds. See photo, the 4 bump one has more seeds.

  • FACT : Seeds are definitely much more in the 4 bump one.

  • Taste of 3 bumps green pepper was a bit sweeter than the other. However there is not much of a difference in taste and I had to consume a lot of the peppers to come to a conclusion.

Test results:

Food Fact is TRUE as far as the quantity of seeds.

However as far as the gender goes, story is FALSE. Green Bell peppers do not have genders that can be identified by counting their lobes. Peppers grow from flowers that have both male and female parts. The fruits do not have a gender.

In fact while at the check out, a lady named Julie remarked she always buys the 4 bump green pepper!

Tip: Suggest using the 3 bumps green pepper for stir-fry and cooking. Use the 4 bump green pepper for salads.

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