From Bawi Bride Kitchen


Am pleased to announce that the Bawi Bride has opened kitchen.

From my kitchen, I offer up limited edition dips, desserts and parsi delicacies each weekend. The Bawi Bride is different from other caterers because we don’t have a set menu – our menu rotates each week with new dishes being introduced all the time. The latest menu will always be displayed here for your reference.

However, I understand that you may be having a party or your tastebuds may demand that you have another serving of my signature chocolate mousse or aapru Lagan nu Custard. In those cases, you can visit the Bawi Bride Online Shop on Imly and place your order through there.

All orders are pick up only from the Bawi Bride Kitchen in DadarIf you would like, I can organize delivery via MyPeon but it generally costs an extra Rs 150/-


Perzen Patel
Web: | Phone: +91 98192 85720


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