December 29, 2016 From the Kushti Experts

From the Kushti Experts

Every time one buys a new Kushti, one wonders on the question : “How long does one need to buy?”

A Kushti is measured on a Gaj basis; a Gaj being approx. 27″ long.

Kushti are sold on Gaj + quarter, half and three-fourth lengths..

It is mentioned that besides the 3 rounds on ones waist, one should add an extra 10 inches to allow for : Looseness around the waist.

The front and back knots, The 2 Laris and for Shrinkage over a period of time, on account of regular washing.

So how long Kushti does one need to buy?

The formula :

[Waist length in inches x 3 +10] divided by 27. .

Kushti Ready reckoner :

Waist 18″
Kushti length 2.4 Gaj

Waist 20″
Kushti length 2.6 Gaj

Waist 24″
Kushti length 3.0 Gaj

Waist 28″
Kushti length 3.5 Gaj

Waist 32″
Kushti length 3.9 Gaj

Waist 36″
Kushti length 4.4 Gaj

Waist 40″
Kushti length 4.8 Gaj

Waist 44″
Kushti length 5.3 Gaj

Waist 48″
Kushti length 5.7 Gaj

Waist 52″
Kushti length 6.1 Gaj

Waist 56″
Kushti length 6.6 Gaj

Waist 60″
Kushti length 7.0 Gaj

Yazdaan Panah Baad! (May Ahura Mazda always keep you in His protection)..💐💐🙏🙏


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