Happy Valentine’s Day “Bawa” Style with Half-Fried Eggs

My husband and I love eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner after a hard days work and no energy or desire to cook! 

He calls these half-fried eggs which is a very old parsi term used for eggs that are fried and not fully cooked. The yolks are still raw and jelly like.

The fully cooked yolks are hard and they are “Fully Fried Eggs” ! Many folks do not know what parsi half-fried eggs are. Here is a short and snappy way to make them.


Half-Fried Eggs Recipe

Americans call them Sunny Side up, so you can order these at the local IHOP.

2 Eggs Jumbo size brown ones are the best
2 tsp. Pure Ghee, Oil or Butter
1 Non-Stick Pan 

Heat the ghee/butter/oil in a non-stick pan

Break the 2 eggs in and spoon the fat onto the eggs to cook slightly.

Let cook till the whites are done.

Remove and enjoy with toast immediately.

Photo Credit: Havovi Bomansha Patel


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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day “Bawa” Style with Half-Fried Eggs

  1. Yes and No. Poaching the eggs gives the same yolk consistency. However frying in fat gives it a fried taste.

    Some of us have a sweet tooth, others have that fried tooth…

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