Since 1999,  this site has brought you Parsi Cuisine News, Free Recipes, Health Foods and now Cookbooks. 

Our Cookbooks are available for purchase with  major retailers. Made and printed with pride in America.

We have 12 Cookbooks published in digital format as well as printed.

They can be purchased from CreateSpace Inc. (an Amazon Company).  Enter key words “Parsi Cuisine” in the search box  to see all the cookbooks printed by them.

Feel good knowing that part of every cookbook you purchase will be helping to raise funds for improving the quality of life of those in need.

Other major retailers are: (click to visit)




What is included in the cookbook?

  • Basic guidelines of the Parsi methods and techniques of cooking.

  • How to make the spice blends and masala at home with step-by-step instructions and photos.

  • Recipes with Vegetables, Meats, Eggs and Dairy products, are they are the staples of the parsi diet.

  • Family favorites and cooking tips, literally learnt at my mother and mother-in-law’s side like the Prawn Curry and Rice, Comforting foods like dhansak, brown rice and kachumbar.

  • Daily dinner dishes of potatoes and chicken, veggies and lamb, fish, desserts,    snacks and beverages all made after a trip to the grocery market.

  • Authentic and original recipes of unique snacks of cupcakes nankhatai, batasas, biscuits and other delicacies.





11 thoughts on “Welcome to Indian Parsi Cuisine

  1. Thanks Amy. Glad you like the video. You can use fermented coconut water instead of tari. I just made bhakras using it.

    Yes, i have similar memories of my mother in law Jaloo mai using coals, no electric mixer and making great tarapori patio.

  2. I watched your Kumas making video with interest. This brought back child hood memories from 50+ years ago. My Dad’s Masiji Najamai Taraporewalla who lived in Tarapore used to make Kumas, Bhakra and Tara pori Patio and sell to Parsis all over the world. I remember her Kumas was made with Tari (fermented Sap from Palm trees). I still remember the taste, it was awesome. I know in those days Naja masi had no electric mixer nor modern day oven. She I remember baked on wood stove and put hot coals on top..It was wonderful. Thank you for bringing the old food to the modern era. I enjoy your posts.

  3. How do I custom search for recipes. Does not seem to work. I ve used a chicken biryani recipe from tthe site. Terrific! Cannot find it anymore. Help!

  4. Rukshy,
    We share your excitement, this site is popular and so many contributions pour in each day ! All we can say is ‘keep coming’

    So glad it is your favorite site!

  5. All i can say is ‘keep em coming’. This is my favorite site as I’m a huge foodie.

  6. I am so glad you used the recipe and enjoyed your own cooked food. This is the driving force behind this site and my passion for people eating good parsi cuisine. Thank you for the blessings Yasmin.

  7. I made vagareli khichri after reading on yr site & I must say its super—earlier I used to make plai with toovar dal & eat it with raita but this khichri doesn’t need any thing else if eaten off the stove–thx
    Same way I made malido also & I really bless you for the recipe


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