July 20, 2015 Here’s a sneak peek of Off The Hook, a specialist seafood retail store in Breach Candy

Here’s a sneak peek of Off The Hook, a specialist seafood retail store in Breach Candy


















by Melissa D’Costa D’Silva

Given a choice fishetarians would love to get their hands on the freshest catch of the day, however, considering many don’t have the time to fish for themselves, most rely on local fish markets to get their daily produce of seafood. However, even here there’s no guarantee that you will get your hands on some rare finds even if you pay a premium. Here’s where Off The Hook steps in to fish some of the freshest produce for you.

Catch of the day!
Off The Hook is a specialist seafood retail store located at Breach Candy. It was conceptualised a couple of years ago and work towards its execution began sometime last year. The store officially opened in May this year at the Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Warden Road. Started by Junaid Daruwalla and Firdosh Daruwalla, ex senior sous chef at the Taj Mahal Palace, it draws inspiration from reputed fish markets across the globe.
Junaid says, “We have been in the seafood business for a long time now. For the last 25 years, we have been distributing our products to various gastronomy restaurants and luxury hotels across the globe. We wanted to bring these great products to the local market and have the people of Mumbai try these wonderful varieties of fish. We have taken inspiration for the products from various seafood markets around the world. The two most important aspects are quality and hygiene, which we will never compromise on. Our goal is to offer the people of Mumbai a wide variety of seafood that is not as easily available here from other vendors. Fish like red snappers, spotted groupers, sharp tooth snappers, grey snappers, seabass, mahimahi, emperor and halibut are all available fresh or as frozen fillets. Sourced from across the world, these fish are line caught, and of a quality that is very hard to find in the docks of Mumbai.” They also stock locally sourced seafood and staples like pomfrets, surmai, rawas, prawns, tiger prawns, lobsters, crabs, mussels, squid and a variety of river fish.

Tips from a former sous chef at at the Taj Mahal Palace
Apart from shopping for the freshest seafood, you can also fish for tips on how to prepare these rare catches. Junaid says, “We have been getting rave reviews on our squid rings, red snapper, sharp tooth snapper and halibut fillets. Also, assisting customers at the store with recipes and preparation ideas is Firdosh Daruwalla, who served as a former senior sous chef at the Taj Mahal Palace,
Mumbai. It has been a challenge but we have succeeded in pricing our products very competitively and hope that people will be pleasantly surprised by it. For those that prefer to see what they buy, the products are on display at the store. They also offer home deliveries between Worli and Colaba on a minimum order of Rs 500. They accept both cash and card payments and COD payment for home deliveries

WHERE: Off The Hook, Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Bhulabhai Desai Road d, Mumbai 400026.
Call 022 6550 6556 for home deliveries or any inquiries or follow them on facebook (offthehookmumbai) and instagram (offthehookmumbai).

Off the hook price list
Fresh seafood

Tomato grouper Rs 600 per kg
Red snapper Rs 500
Green jobfish Rs 500 per kg
Spotted coral groupers Rs 600 per kg
Pomfrets Rs 1,100 to 1,600 per kg
Tiger prawns (small) Rs 1,100 per kg
Tiger prawns (big) Rs 1,800 per kg
Prawns Rs 650 to 900 per kg
Surmai Rs 750 per kg
Rawas Rs 750 per kg
Mackerel Rs 350 per kg
Crab meat Rs 650 per kg
Lobster Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,800 per kg

Frozen seafood
Dark Red Snapper fillets Rs 900 per kg
Malabaricus red snapper fillets Rs 1100 per kg
Sharp tooth snapper fillets Rs 900 per kg
Mahi mahi fillets Rs 800 per kg
Emperor fillets Rs 700 per kg
Russell snapper fillets Rs 700 per kg
Spotted coral grouper fillets Rs 900 per kg
Tomato Grouper fillets Rs 1,000 per kg
Halibut fillets Rs 600 per kg
Medium prawns Rs 1100 per kg
Squid rings Rs 600 per kg
Lobsters Rs 800 to 1,400 per kg
Sand lobsters Rs 800 per kg
Scampi prawns Rs 900 per kg



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