Potato Sali Potato Matchsticks

How to make potato matchsticks (sali) from scratch


How to make Potato Matchsticks  from scratch.

The Indian Parsi community calls “Potato Matchsticks” –  “Potato Sali”.  Sali is a Gujarati word meaning “straw” or “sticks”.

Enjoyed best when fresh with salt and pepper. Bon Appetite!

Step 1: Peel and wash Potatoes

Step 2: Shred potatoes into thin strings 

Step 3: Salt Shredded Potatoes 

Step 4: In a electric fryer or a large pot, heat oil for frying. I prefer the electric deep fryer, so the temperature of the oil stays even. Choose the max and lower if needed :

Step 6: Prepare Potato Matchsticks for straining, use a large straining spoon with holes

Step 7: Strain fried potato matchsticks on paper towels (to absorb extra oil). Immediately sprinkle salt on. This keeps the Potato Matchsticks crispy.

Cool and store in airtight container. (In my house they get eaten away very fast for a snack!  Potato Matchsticks  will stay for 15 days) 

Potato Sali by ParsiCuisine.com

Enjoyed best when fresh with salt and pepper.

Suggestion: Serve these potato matchsticks as a garnish with chicken & gravy :


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