September 8, 2016 Is there a fabulous Parsi-food cook?

Is there a fabulous Parsi-food cook?


We are wanting to provide a complete Parsi experience at our lovely heritage property, the Parsi Manor, at Matheran.

Only food is missing here: ‘Is there a fabulous Parsi-food cook in here?

Come over and stay with us at SaffronStays, Parsi Manor, Matheran and help us train our cook in a few signature Parsi dishes and deserts.

We would name the menu so designed after you.

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One thought on “Is there a fabulous Parsi-food cook?

  1. Hi, thanks to you posting our requirement on your page Parsi Cuisine, we found the effervescent Gulrukh Irani, who helped train our staff and arrive at this lovely menu at SaffronStays Parsi Manor]. We now believe we have completed the Parsi experience at this lovely bungalow. Thank


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