July 10, 2015 Kayani Bakery, Pune, India

Kayani Bakery, Pune, India

A visit to Kayani Bakery is the tradition in Pune. One must visit at least once if not more and gorge on their delicious Shrewsbury biscuits, creamy cakes, and other confectionary. They also have enough for those who prefer salty stuff.

For those who are nostalgic – here are some pictures:


The tradition for my family in other places is that I take several boxes of Shrewsbury biscuits when I go over to their place in Bangalore and Mangalore and Chennai or even Mumbai, then the holiday seems complete, with so much happiness being spread around!

No one makes Shrewsbury like them. The other stuff is good too but not unique to them. Ghee butter is good and so is Cheese Papdi BUT many other Parsi bakeries make better Cheese Papdi, Maska Khari, Brun, Fruit Cake etc. I have reviewed them too.

kayani6 kayani2

  • prepare for a Puneri reception which is not quite based on the ‘customer is king’ theory 🙂

TIP: Go early in the morning for the Shrewsbury Biscuit is made in limited quantity and gets over by noon!

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