Kentucky Fried Chicken

8 pieces Chicken legs
2 serving spoon Oats
2 tbsp Maida/ cornflour
1 tbsp optional Corn flakes
¼ tsp Oregano
1/3 tsp Garlic paste
½ tsp Ginger paste
1/3 tsp Paprika power
2 Eggs
Salt and red chili as per taste


Prick chicken pieces with the tip of the knife or with the fork. Apply salt and red chili powder and keep it aside. Steam it for approx 5 min.
Mix all the ingredients together except half of the oats and cornflakes in a bowl.
Dip the chicken pieces in the mixture and leave it to marinade for half an hour.
Roll the chicken pieces over oats. Keep it aside for 2-3 min.
In a deep karahi, heat oil. Fry the pieces in hot oil.
Serve with tomato sauce and mint chutney.

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