January 23, 2019 Recipe Contest Winner: Sweet and Sour Fish for Wedding. Lagan ni Bethhi-Machhi-no-Patiyo

Recipe Contest Winner: Sweet and Sour Fish for Wedding. Lagan ni Bethhi-Machhi-no-Patiyo

Congratulations to our member Rohinton Batlivala who is the Recipe Contest Winner for “Friday Fiesta” for his Sweet and Sour Fish for Wedding. Lagan ni Bethhi-Machhi-no-Patiyo

‘Lagan ni Bethhi-Machhi-no-Patiyo’.. 👌💕
Khatto Mitho ne Tikho Tikho..yummm (just like me)😛
by Rohinton Batlivala

This is my MOM’s own special SECRET recipe – Large silver/white pomfrets washed, sliced and marinated in rich n spicy red (kashmiri) chili-garlic-cumin-malt vinegar masalo with pinch full each of harad (haldi pwdr/turmeric), black peppercorns n sugar added to the grinding, tempered in saffola or smoking mustard oil with crushed fresh curry patta leaves n slit green chilies, sautéed in pulpy tomatoes nd chopped cilantro then salted as per taste and subtly mellowed wid a dash of sugar/jaggery meltdown… finally, teased with a liberal garnish of some more chopped fresh cilantro for a classic ‘Lagan-ni Bethi Machhi-no-Patiyo’! JAMVA CHALO JI.. ❤️💕

▫️2 large (atleast 10” long) silver/white pomfrets (chhamna) sliced up thick (preferably use white/silver pomfret fish only for this recipe). Serves 4-6

▫️Wash under 3 running waters wid a good sea salt rub after the first wash and a wheat flour rub before the last wash. Leave in colander to drain off excess water. Marinate wid salt, malt vinegar, 1/2 tsp harad (turmeric pwdr), 1 tsp red chili pwdr, 1-2 tblsp red chillie/vinegar masalo (recipe given below) nd leave in the fridge until u are ready to cook and serve.

▪️Ingredients for cooking –
▫️2-3 tbsp oil
▫️3-4 stems of fresh curry patta leaves
▫️6-8 green chillies (slit lengthwise)
▫️1/4 tsp harad (haldi pwdr/turmeric)
▫️2-3 very large tomatoes chopped very fine
▫️1/2 cup (x2) of chopped fresh coriander.
▫️Salt to taste
▫️1-2 tsp full sugar/1 tblsp jaggery (adjust more or less as per taste; it shud be nice n tangy sharp sweet n sour)
▫️Less than 1/4 cup water (use the same water used to wash off the masala remnants in the mixer jar nd the marinade pan).
▫️2-3 tblsp full red masalo

🔺Red Masalo Recipe: 12-15 garlic cloves, 1 tblsp full to the brim cumin, 20-25 red Kashmiri chilies, 10-12 black peppercorns, pinch of harad (turmeric pwdr), pinch of salt, big pinch of sugar – all ground together in a mixer wid malt cane vinegar (Kolah’s) using adequately but just as much necessary to attain a smooth ground paste widout adding a single drop of water. You may add a tblsp of oil if u wish (that is in case u wish to preserve the masala for more than 6 months or evn otherwise).

▪️In a flat broad bottomed vessel (large langri or moto patio) add the curry patta leaves nd slit green chilies to temper in heated oil (2-3 full tblsp) over medium to low flame. When it begins to crackle n splutter, add 2-3 LARGE tblsp full of red masalo explained above. 1/4 tsp harad nd stir fry in the oil on medium to low fire.

▪️Now add the finely chopped tomatoes and sauté to let the tomatoes cook to pulp until oil looks to separate. Mix in 1/2 cup chopped coriander. Now set in the fish slices carefully side to side along with all the marinade masala in the pan and let cook for 2-3 minutes each on either side on med-high flame but open vessel – widout lid or cover. At close intervals shake the vessel delicately in circular motions by holding it wid a cloth/mitten from both sides with both hands, a lil above from the fire to stir the pot without using any ladle or spoon.

▪️Add the 1/4 cup water, salt to taste and let cook on very slow fire for 5-7 min but remember no lid over the vessel until you see the fish has changed colour to full while and looks cooked (should not be overdone nd loose from the bone), it shud be firm nd held on to the bone. Later, add 1-2 heaped tsp of sugar or about 1 tblsp of jaggery, hold up the vessel again and give it a soft delicate shake to let the sugar/jaggery mix in and cook for a minute or two more to let the oil float up. Voila u are done!👌🏼

▪️Garnish wid 1/2 cup finely chopped coriander and enjoy wid ‘Mora Dar Chaval’ with desi ghee n dahi in the house wid ur beloved family and close relatives on the afternoon of the 4th day of wedding celebrations which is actually the WEDDING DAY… Be prepared to be transported to heaven and back as the aroma nd taste is simply divine if tempered properly while cooking and served wid love n joy….ENJOY!! 💕❤️

Bon Appetite

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