April 22, 2016 Lagan nu Custard by Akshata Karkaria

Lagan nu Custard by Akshata Karkaria

The beauty of an Indian dessert often lies not in the intricate recipe but in the significance of its offering. This holds especially true for Parsi desserts.

“On birthdays, my mother-in-law will come with some sev and dahi. When I was pregnant, we distributed the famous conical ladvo, which you only get at specific sweet marts,” says Akshata Karkaria, bakery and R&D chef at SodaBottleOpenerWala.

“People seem to know about Parsi desserts, but if you haven’t got a Parsi friend, it’s likely that you haven’t tasted the real thing,” she told HuffPost India. “It’s all fun: the Parsis, their food and their desserts. Often, it will be made like your grandmother did, or your aunt did. With it will be a little story. I love it! It is unfortunate that most people don’t get a slice of the fun.”

Fortunately for those who’re dying to dig into some sweet Parsi goodness, Karkaria has shared this favorite Parsi recipe below.

(Makes about 12-15 portions; an exotic alternative to caramel custard)

Lagan nu custard


Full fat milk: 2 litres
Sugar: 200 gms
Eggs: 6 (+ 2 yolks);
Kulfi: 2 pieces
Condensed milk: 100 ml
Fresh cream: 200 ml
Rosewater: 20 ml;
Vanilla essence: 10 ml
Green cardamom powder: 5 gm
Nutmeg powder: 5 gm
Almond powder: 50 gm
Charoli (chironji dana): 50 gm.


Preheat oven to 165C.

Heat the milk until it is reduced to half.

Lightly beat the eggs and sugar.

Take the milk of the heat and lightly beat in all the other ingredients except the charoli/chironji dana.

Put back on low heat until all the ingredients have dissolved.

Pour into ramekins or one large mould.

Sprinkle the chironji dana on top.

Bake in a bain marie (hot water bath) at 165°C for about 40 minutes or for 1 hour and 10 minutes for a large mould.

Leave to cool.



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  1. There was always something missing in making the perfect Lagan nu Custatd. Thank you for the complete recipe.

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