Maska Netflix Film

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The upcoming Netflix original, directed by Neeraj Udhwani, is due to be released this March.

Maska = Butter.

A bun-maska heritage snack with hot tea was immortalized by Zarthoshti-Irani cafes. Brun Pao is the bread !

Starring Shirley Setia as Persis & Prit Kamani as Rumi who as Rumi shows Persis, a photographer, around Mumbai. Rumi sets out for auditions hoping to become a movie star while escorting Persis around the city with breaks for bun maska in between.

The song during the bun-maska breaks, echoes the Parsi-Irani motto on life: khavanu, pivanu, majja ni life (life of eating, drinking & fun)!

Rita Jamshed Kapadia

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