Mastering Parsi Cuisine A new Paperback

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by Rita Jamshed Kapadia  (Author)

This collection represents recipes that have been tried and cooked in my family kitchen, and passed around from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter. From India to USA, by the very nature of the way my family shared their recipes, it was a fun and a bonding experience. I hope you will find the same experiences cooking and enjoying the dishes with family and friends.

Inspired by old cookbooks: Vividh Vani  and several others in my collection these are unique and regular delicious mouthwatering dishes cooked in the USA.

Thanks to my family members and friends for contributing ideas and thoughts for this recipe collection.

Mastering Parsi Cuisine and Reviving the Art of Parsi Cooking. I hope this book inspires you to cook healthy wholesome food for your family and friends.


Rita Jamshed Kapadia is the author of the previous “Parsi Cuisine Series”. She and her husband Jamshed reside in the USA