April 23, 2017

Meet Chef Peri and Chef Rohit from Spice Ladle

Spice Ladle creates fresh wholesome gourmet food with an ethnic touch, using natural high quality ingredients.

A combined 24 years of hospitality experience, especially in food and beverages, helps Chefs Perinaz Avari & Rohit Kapoor to consistently showcase their creativity in the kitchen. Frequent travels have lead to interesting global food experiences, often reflected in their recipes. Peri is a Parsi Zoroastrian and a native of cosmopolitan Mumbai in western India, with a love for simple, home-cooked wholesome Parsi meals (that’s Indian food with Persian influences). Rohit grew up in a Punjabi family and has gone from hotelier-to-techie; and is now back to follow his passion for food, with a clear mission to turn mundane meals into taste sensations. Their food philosophy is simple – to keep their food as organic and natural as possible.

Order authentic, homestyle, delicious meals from their kitchen – and get delivery all over Bay Area – only on Taro!

Link to go to order at TARO

Blog: http://www.perisspiceladle.com


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