August 6, 2017

Hot or Cold brew of Minty Green Tea

Minty Green Tea
Minty Green Tea

If using green tea leaves, they are added to hot water to release their flavor. Mint leaves are also added to hot water along with sweetener. Serve fresh minty green tea hot or cold.

Makes: 1 Cup of Minty Green Tea.


Dried Green Tea Leaves 1 Tbsp
Fresh Mint Leaves 5 – 6
Honey to Taste

Method of preparation:

Wash mint leaves under fresh water.
Tear mint leaves if they are very big.

Bring to boil around a big cup of water.
When water comes to boil, remove from heat.
Place mint leaves in serving cup.
Add green tea leaves in a strainer.
Place the strainer on top of serving cup.
Pour the hot water over the tea leaves and press the leaves a little to release its flavor.
Add honey to taste and stir well.
Serve minty green tea hot or cold.

Notes: Make sure to adjust mint leaves according to taste.

Suggestions: If using green tea bag, place the bag in serving cup along with mint leaves. Pour the hot water and cover for few minutes before serving the green tea.

Variations: Use sugar or other sweetener if desired.

Hot milk can be added. I always drink my tea with some milk, but that’s personal!

Other Names: Minty Green Tea.

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