Mysore Paak (from cookbook)


1. 1 cup Besan.(Gram flour)
2. 2 cups Sugar.
3. 3 cups Ghee.
4.1/2 cup Milk.
5.1/2 cup Water.

1. In a pan, tip in the flour, and a tbsp of Ghee.
2. Heat till the flour becomes warm, and saute for a few minutes till it loses it’s raw odor. (About 2 minutes). Remove from pan and keep aside.
3. In a different pan, start heating the Ghee on sim.
4. In the pan which you sauteed flour, heat together Sugar, Milk, and Water.
5. After it starts boiling, you will find scum gathering in the center. Collect this with the help of a strainer and discard.
6. Boil till the Sugar achieves a stiff 1 thread consistency.( this can be checked by taking a drop between Thumb and the Forefinger, pinching and releasing it. The thread formed is a little thicker than the normal “one thread consistency”)
7. Tip in the gram flour, and let the sugar syrup and flour mix to a smooth paste.
8. By now the Ghee is real hot, but not smoking point.
9. Put ladle full of ghee in the flour mixture. It will rise.(gas mark should be medium high). Then settle down. Repeat, till you are almost through with all the Ghee, but, 1 ladle full.
10 Now, stir till the mixture starts rising on its own, and suddenly achieves a “Netty” consistency.
11. Pour in the last batch of Ghee and stop stirring. The mixture then rises to a foam.(reminds you of Milk boiling over).
12. Slowly, tip into a 8 x 8 baking tray.
13.Tilt the tray with help of cloth or a ladle below it.(as shown in pic No.1)
14. Let cool till the top layer becomes firm. Cut to square sections, and remove one line of Mysore Paak Vadi. (as shown in pic No.1).All the ghee from the upper layer will start infiltrating in the empty cavity created.
15. Let cool for the next hour, separate the cubes, and store in airtight container when cool.
16. The crumbs can be kept on a strainer, and let all the excess Ghee drain out.(Pic No 2).
17. Before serving, zap a Vadi of Mysore Paak in the microwave for 10 seconds, and serve warm. (PS: this Vadi is mandatory to be served warm).

15This is a sample recipe from our cookbooks

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