New Video posted on the Parsi Dhansak Meal – Meat and Vegetables with Lentils.

Dhansaak Dal

*New Video* The Parsi Dhansak Meal – Meat and Vegetables with Lentils


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  1. Rituals and Food | March 31, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    […] The family prepares the departed person’s favorite foods and partakes of these. Traditionally Dhansak is prepared and shared with family and […]

  2. […] Enjoy learning how to make a very mouth-watering, satisfying and healthy Parsi Dhansak Meal – with or without Meat. Recipes included in ebook are for: Dhansak Brown Rice Ambakalio Kachumbar Kabab Chicken Cutlets Staples of a Parsi Kitchen Dhansak Masala Powder Video  […]

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