December 29, 2018

New Year’s food ideas

It’s time to bid adieu to 2018 and welcome another year with great zeal and zest. Whether you have a house full of friends and family or decide to have a potluck, you’re likely to indulge into some delectable treats on New Year’s Eve. You can have a themed party or a game night to keep your guests entertained.

You would obviously be looking forward to spending quality time with them along with some good food. Worry not! We have a collection of quick and easy recipes, which can be made time before. Just warm it or fry it and assemble before serving and you are good to go! Choose wisely from each course and put up and exciting meal for the guests. After all, it’s the last dinner in 2018! See some food ideas below.

Salted Lassi with Coriander
Salted Lassi with Coriander

Begin your party with some fruity drinks like Salted Lassi with Coriander, Chocolate or Coffee Almond Lassi and an array of finger foods. Fried Turkey Kababs Balls and Baked Puff Pastry Chicken Puffs can be served with our green chutney.

Salted Lassi with Coriander
Salted Lassi with
Lamb Kababs
Chicken Puffs
Creamy Coconut Chutney
Creamy Coconut Chutney


Patra ni Maachi – Fish wrapped in Banana Leaves (from our cookbook)

Now, let’s party! Join Fiesta Friday #256 and share. Thanks Mollie @ Frugal Hausfrau and Liz @ spades, spatulas & spoons

6 thoughts on “New Year’s food ideas

  1. I don’t know if anyone has let you know but there seems to be something wrong with your shrimp masala recipe page…I’m getting a block and a strange warning and can’t access it.

  2. It’s not that everything doesn’t look great, but I’ll I have eyes for is that Chocolate Lassi! It is calling my name!! Happy New Year’s and Happy Fiesta Friday! Thanks for sharing with us!



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