July 10, 2017 Parsi Bhonu in Ahmedabad

Parsi Bhonu in Ahmedabad

Dhan dar, Patio, Dhansak, Curry Chawal, Sali goshst, Chicken Kaleji (liver), Thai green curry and Baked cauliflower, Cutlets,  Macaroni are some dishes which are on the regular menu. The ladies make non-veg and vegetarian dishes. Ask for the menu by phone since it changes daily, food is prepared daily and is fresh.

Their Sev, Ravo, Bhakhra, Puri,  Dar ni Pori when ordered ahead is delicious. They sell parsi patia masala, laal masala for curry, and other masalas for parsi cooking.

My parents  could not cook due to old age and ordered this parsi food (bhonu) daily for the last couple of years. I had the bhonu when visiting Ahmedabad and recommend it for good, clean parsi food.


The Zoroastrian Ladies Industrial Co-Operative Society.

Opposite Khanpur Gate.

Ahmedabad, India
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+91 79 2550 5701

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Zoroastrian-ladies-indusrial-coop-570653613058056/


Rita Jamshed Kapadia is the founder of ParsiCuisine.com. Cookbooks are sold on Amazon.com worldwide.


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