Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks – on sale for the holiday season

The cookbook “Parsi Cuisine” provides classical and regional Parsi recipes as well as an introduction to Parsi heritage, history, and culture.

The book’s Recipes, Full color photographs, Step-by-step instructions and 240 pages are intertwined with descriptions of ancient and modern Parsi ceremonies, folktales, travel excerpts and anecdotes.

The author Rita Jamshed Kapadia resides in USA and has published this cookbook using her own talent, groceries bought in America! Rita learnt from her Mother Parin and Mother-in-Law Jaloo favorite foods and the staples of a parsi home. Dhansak, Dhan Dar, Patio, Sali Gosht, Cutlets, Kebabs, Custard, Falooda, Ras Chawal are all detailed and taught in these cookbooks. 

Inspired by old traditional parsi cookbooks like the “Vividh Vani”, Rita has come up with over 500 authentic and homemade recipes. The Bhakhra, Malido, and Murabba made in USA tastes better with better US ingredients! In addition, you get Fusion recipes of unique American Parsi Dishes which can be made in USA.

There is one mega cookbook and 10 other individual cookbooks (Parsi Cuisine Series) published. eBooks of the same are also available.

eBooks are on sale, 50% off for the holiday season. Paperbacks are reduced 30% !

Purchase at Rita’s Amazon Author Page

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