Parsi Doru (from cookbook)

This doru tastes good and is a parsi favorite.

Oldtimer Parsis may remember their father’s When and if they do not like someone’s cooking they say “aay su doru banavyu! Meaning “My Dear what muck have you cooked!”

Heat some oil.
Drop in jeera seeds and curry leaves.
Allow to crackle.
Add sliced onions and green chillies
Fry until onions are limp and pink.
Add garlic-jeera-green chilli (lasan-jeera-marcha) paste.
Add turmeric, chilli powder, parsi sambhar masala and chopped tomatoes and fry a bit more to let the fragrance through.
Add some gram flour (besan) depending on how thick you would like your gravy and saute till aromatic.
Add water and create a gravy.
Adding sekta ni singh (drumsticks) is optional.
Allow the gravy to boil and finish off with a pulp mixture of jaggery and tamarind, again depending on your taste.
Goes best with hot ghee ni khichdi and papads.

Garnishing with coriander is optional.


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