April 12, 2019 Parsi Food Festival

Parsi Food Festival


“The lagan nu custard was made from my own recipe. The sali margi had some kaju (cashew nuts) and khuskhus (poppy seeds) added so that it does not turn into tamatar ni margi (chicken in tomato sauce),” narrated 91-year-old Perin Dittia.

The sprightly granny was assisted in the mixing of spices, instructing chefs and interaction with media by Khorshed Chenai, Zarine Pestonjee, Zarin Pestonji, Havovi Patel, Shireen Sethna Baria, Pinky Katrak and Perviz Bhote, as part of the Parsi Food Festival hosted by the ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad from March 21 to 24, 2019 to celebrate Jamshedi Navroz. Perin Dittia provided the recipes.

Here comes the gourmet granny

From the Parsiana Magazine



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