by Sheroo Rusi Parekh

* Pomfrets (I bought 2 kgs of slightly bigger than palm size Pomfrets – weighed 9 Nos.).
* Banana leaves – enough to wrap all fish pieces. Wash the leaves very carefully (taking care not to tear) & gently pat dry. Cut out the leaves lengthwise discarding the centre hard portion.


Mix following ingredients & apply to all fish pieces & keep aside.
* Lime juice
* Turmeric powder
* Salt

Grind chutney with following ingredients using no water or using very little water only if necessary. (Please adjust ingredients measure as per your taste & liking. I’ve given approximate measure that I’ve used).
* 1 Coconut.
* 2 full bunches Fresh Coriander
* Green Chillies (I used dark green spicy ones so I used 12).
* Jeera 1 tbspn.
* Garlic 1/2 pod.
* Mint Leaves few
* Raw Mangoes as per taste (If available) OR
* Lime Juice.
* Sugar (Optional).
* Salt as per taste.

**Apply oil on smooth side of banana leaf. 
Apply enough chutney on one side of fish piece (a nice thick layer).
Place chutney side fish piece down in the center of banana leaf.
Apply another thick layer of chutney on the second side (top) of the fish.
Carefully wrap the fish in banana leaf & tie it with a string.**

**Repeat the above procedure with remaining fish pieces**.

Steam the wrapped pieces in a steamer. I steamed them in my electric rice cooker.

Remove fish from banana leaves & serve with chapattis or with Dhaan Daar

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  1. We’re in the UK Rita. I will look in our Asian stores… I’ve just found tinned banana blossom for the first time, so hopefully banana leaves will be here soon! Thank you.

  2. If you cannot obtain banana leaves, you can use foil to wrap the fish or parchment paper. Works the same way, except the taste will be sightly different.

    This is very famous dish in India where Banana Plants are plentiful. I get banana leaves in USA from a local supermarket in the fresh vegetable section for Asian foods. Try whole foods, asian (thai, indian) grocery stores. Where are you located?

  3. What a super dish! I wish I knew where to get banana leaves from so that I could make these for my boys! The chutney sounds amazing. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing at Fiesta Friday.

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