Pav Bread

Pav Bread

Pav Bread
Pav Bread

3 cup Maida
wheat gluten: 2 table spoon
baking soda: 1/4 teaspoon
salt: 1/2 teaspoon
sugar powder 1 tablespoon
milk:  1 cup
instant dry yeast:  1 sachet
lukewarm water: 1/2 cup
melted butter: 3 tablespoon
refined oil or cooking spray: f or greasing
aluminium foil to wrap


1  Take about 50 ml lukewarm milk in a bowl and add sugar and instant dry yeast. mix it well and keep it aside for about 10 min so that mixture get fermented.

2  In a big bowl sift maida. To it add salt,wheat gluten,baking soda and melted butter. mix it well till the mixture get crumbly.

3  Now knead the dough with fermented milk till it release its gluten about 5-7 minutes. Now take some oil and apply on the dough evenly so that no crust formed on the dough.Cover the bowl with aluminium foil or with cling paper. And keep it at warm place for rest about an hour.

  1. Check the dough after an hour.At this time dough will become almost double in size. knead it again for about 2 min.
  2.  Preheat oven at 375 degree Fahrenheit. In a baking tray spread some aluminum paper nicely and grease the aluminium paper with oil or cooking spray. Make sure at this time you have to use only aluminium paper not cling film.

6  Now divide the dough in equal size portions(for this much dough i made about 12 pav) .you can adjust size accordingly.take one portion of dough and make round ball from it.similarly make other dough balls and placed them in greased baking tray while keeping some distane between them. with the help of soft brush or spoon apply a nice coating of milk on each dough ball. It is very necessary step.

7  Again cover the tray with foil and let it rest for about one and half hour. After nice fermentation the balls will become double in size and stick to each other. At this point your dough balls are perfect for baking. keep it in mind this step is realiy very crucial.Second fermentation should be done nicely.

8  When second fermentation is done, put the baking tray in preheated oven at 375 f for about 12 min.Or bake it till nice brown golden crust appears on the top of it.

  1. Once baking is done take out tray from oven and apply generous coat of butter on the top of each pav. It will add a bright shiny glaze to the pav

10.Super spongy delicious pav are ready for pavbahji, vadapav,dabeli and many more….. make it and win compliments for it….keep cooking and enjoy.


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