Penguin India: Upcoming Book ‘Bhagwan ke Pakwaan’ or ‘Food of the Gods’

Penguin India has commissioned a book called ‘Bhagwan ke Pakwaan’ or Food of the Gods, showing the close association between food and religion.

For the Zoroastrian section of this book, they contacted Marzban Hathiram to demonstrate some of the religious food items we make for our Stum prayers. So over the next three days he will be cooking a variety of items for the team here in Udvada.

Later on, the same will be used as series on television with some leading channels and possibly also on digital media like Netflix…

Some photos, with Marzban Hathiram  making tea for the team before demonstrating the kneading of the dough for bhakhra and a simple ravo which they polished off before he could photograph it! And a walk around Udvada town and Globe Hotel.

Dinner for friends shooting for the Penguin India book Food of the Gods. Bheja na cutlets, Tamota par edu, Bhaji dana ma gos, finished off with Lagan nu custard.

All excellently made by my friend Mehernosh Patel of Sir JJ Dharamshala. Now that was a memorable meal!

Marzban Hathiram’s blog is  www.frashogard.com



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