September 4, 2018 Spice Kitchen Catering – Kiku Engineer

Spice Kitchen Catering – Kiku Engineer

Welcome to my Kitchen!

I love to cook, love to eat even more but above all I love “feeding people” and I can’t think of a better way than to share my recipes with you. I hope I inspire you to cook or even entertain that thought for some of you ( you know who you are Or you are going to be very hungry looking at my page.

Let’s have fun cooking together!

Lagan nu bhonu anyone??? Cooked for a hundred and fifty people at the Navroze function at the Zororoastrian association of Chicago!!

 Maestro Kiku – the ONLY Lagan nu bhonu that not only compares to Godiwala, but surpasses it hands down! Wish I was there to get a mouthful!! Lucky Chicagoans!!!!!!

Sali Boti, Dhansak Masala Dar, Pulao, Mango Kulfi – tasty food:


3 thoughts on “Spice Kitchen Catering – Kiku Engineer

  1. Thanks Ronit. I like your APPLE, GINGER, HONEY AND GOLDEN RAISINS CAKE recipe so much I shared it with my group and friends on fb.

    It is Jewish New Year today.

    Rosh Hashanah – or to give it its Hebrew translation ‘the head of the year’ – is the Jewish New Year. It’s considered a major date in the Jewish calendar, and the majority of Jewish people keep or mark it in some way, regardless of their levels of religious observance the rest of the year. This year it kicks off tonight (Sunday) at sunset, and will come to an end at sunset on Tuesday. Are there any traditional Jewish New Year greetings? Yes, say Shana Tova, which is Hebrew for ‘a good year’. Some people also say Shanah Tovah Umetukah, meaning ‘a good and sweet year’ too.


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