September 4, 2018

Spice Kitchen Catering – Kiku Engineer

Welcome to my Kitchen!

I love to cook, love to eat even more but above all I love “feeding people” and I can’t think of a better way than to share my recipes with you. I hope I inspire you to cook or even entertain that thought for some of you ( you know who you are Or you are going to be very hungry looking at my page.

Let’s have fun cooking together!

Lagan nu bhonu anyone??? Cooked for a hundred and fifty people at the Navroze function at the Zororoastrian association of Chicago!!

 Maestro Kiku – the ONLY Lagan nu bhonu that not only compares to Godiwala, but surpasses it hands down! Wish I was there to get a mouthful!! Lucky Chicagoans!!!!!!

Sali Boti, Dhansak Masala Dar, Pulao, Mango Kulfi – tasty food: