November 1, 2017 Thanksgiving In Iran

Thanksgiving In Iran

Pomegranate Harvest and Thanksgiving In Iran
Picture is of people in Zardui village in western Iranian province of Kermanshah..Iran is the largest producer of pomegranate in the world.
There are more than 700 varieties of this nutritional ancient fruit in Iran and they are classified based on the skin color, seeds and taste.
Most pomegranate farms in Iran are organic, they do not use any chemical fertilizer or insecticides.This fruit has been used to treat various diseases in traditional medical treatment since ancient times.
Pomegranate is among the most sacred fruits in Persian culture, the Zoroastrians planted several pomegranate trees in their fire temples and held their branches as a holy plant in their rituals.This fruit is known as a gift from paradise due to it’s beautiful shape and it’s delightful sweet sour taste.
The Pomegranate cultural festival is held annually in cities of Iranian pomegranate production such as Saveh, Arsanjan and Niriz, in the growing season of this fruit from October to December.
This festival is mainly held for praising God for presenting a great harvest . You can taste different flavors of fresh and juicy pomegranates, various pomegranate products such as pomegranate soup and local dishes that utilize this fruit..In the celebrations, the farmers play traditional local music whilst picking these fruits, children wear colorful beautiful clothes, youngsters play games and the farmers present their harvested crops.
Saveh is known as the ‘City of Red Ruby’ as it has ancient traditional links with the pomegranate fruit.
In the beginning of autumn and in Aban month which is the eighth month of the Persian calendar, this celebration is held for 5 days in Saveh.
Also this fruit is an important part of the Yalda night of winter in which people gather around Iranian spreads with their families, pomegranate reminds us of the warm days spent with our families.
This post is by Aban Mignonne Chinoy.


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