Thanksgiving Turkey 🦃 series – Day 1 Brine the bird

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Today, the beginning of thanksgiving week, we are thankful for everyone & everything in our lives 💖🙏💝

It is starting to smell like Thanksgiving in our home. We have started the brining process for the turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey 🦃 series – Day 1 Brine the bird

Wash the turkey well, rinse and add the brine to marinate.

Turkey Brining recipe

1 10 lb approx Organic Turkey (Organic means no chemicals were used in the life of the turkey and it does taste better. Non-organic is fine too and Butterball works as well)
1 chopped apple
Washed apple peels
1 tsp tsp each of rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and onion powder
3 bay leaves
3 cups of regular salt
1 cup of brown sugar
1 huge steel pot with lid (larger than the size of the turkey)
8 cups water or more if pot is bigger

Boil all of above in a pot with water. Cool completely. Submerge the turkey in the cooled brine.

Adjust ingredients to the weight of the turkey and to your taste and liking.

Keep the pot covered in refrigerator and turn turkey around each day till thanksgiving day.

More coming soon….

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