The Hidden Recipes of Persia: Eat Healthy Cookbook

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Introduction to Persian Cooking Persian cuisine is offered by only a handful of restaurants in most cities in the Western world. Why have Persian recipes not been adopted in the same way that French, Italian, Chinese and Indian cooking has? Has it been because of political or economic reasons? Or, perhaps due to a reluctance of Persian people to share their cultural heritage? Perhaps there has been less immigration from Iran to other countries?

In this book, Jacklin introduces us to the rich treasure of Persian cuisine. This book has been a labor of love by a remarkable young woman. She invites us with these recipes to cook tasty, nutritious meals for those we love. Current Persian cuisine has its roots in both traditional and modern forms of cooking.

As with many countries, Iranian culinary style has been influenced by contact with neighboring regions over many centuries. Yet a number of foods that originated in Iran are today used throughout the world. Some may associate kebab with other Mediterranean countries, but it originated in Iran.

Similarly, many in the western world may believe that ice cream is a product of origination from Roman culture. However, it too had its origins in Persia, using grape-juice concentrate and snow, and later mixing saffron, fruits and other flavors with ice.

What is noticeable in Persian eating is the reliance on fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and the way they are combined. Persians eat for pleasure, but they also eat for health, combining such foods as garlic, onions, pomegranate and various green herbs to make delightful meals that are both tasty and healthy.

Many generations of Persians have known of the health benefits of such foods, while it has only recently been discovered in other parts of the world.

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