Vividh Vani Recipe: Toad in a hole

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Toad in a hole trsnlated from the Vividh Vani Cookbook
Toad in a hole trsnlated from the Vividh Vani Cookbook NOTE: Parsis liked to eat British fare, specially during the pre-indence days, during the British Raj. Translated Gujarati to English Recipe.

Very old parsi dish made during the British Raj.

Translated recipe from an ancient cooking book “Vividh Vani” (click for a free download)

Very tender goat meat from the neck 1/2 ratal cut into small pieces and washed well .
Very fine milled wheat flour #1 ground 15 Tola
Milk 1/2 Sher
2 eggs
Salt to taste 1 tsp
Butter as needed

Beat the eggs with a fork till fluffy
In a pie dish that is buttered, place the meat.
Sprinkle salt.
In a enamel dish, beat the flour into the eggs, using milk as needed. No lumps. Keep for 3 hours in a copper vessel .
Pour this mixture over the meat and bake till golden brown. In the old days there were no ovens, just a bhathi which is like a fireplace.

You can substitute goat meat with cold sausage or chicken.

This is a translation from Gujarati to English with old measures from the Vividh Vani cookbook. See Guide of old measures to convert.

And this is how the British do it now a days.

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