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We are back with our Parsi Winter special of homemade VASANU with top quality ingredients of dry fruits, spices and pure ghee. Stay warm on cool days with finger licking.. mouth watering yummy soft Vasanu to spread on your toast with a hot cup of desi Chai!! Available for all those who touch base at Mumbai and want to carry overseas for their loved ones.

This would be a parsi version to the very popular Pinni or Methi laddoos eaten by many in Northern India. The difference being its pepped up with spices and soft like a carrot or broken wheat halwa!


To book orders for 1/4kg for Rs. 300 or 1/2kg for Rs. 600 or 1kg for Rs.1200.

Please inbox Dilly Umrigar on Facebook

or contact  Dilly Umrigar on whatsapp no: 9820239105

Enjoy the flavours of our spices of India, blended with Sugar to give a hot sweet taste to the palate. Once tasted.. never to be forgotten!!


5 thoughts on “Vasanu Orders

  1. Hi Avan, Thanks for sharing this. Being abroad I miss the vasanu too and I know it is hard to make. Made it earlier in US and it does not come out the same. Kudos to the Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Navsari parsis for making it. Any info you add here will be helpful to all members.

  2. The best Vasanu I have ever had is made by Mrs.Yasmin Burjor Buchia of Khetwadi, Mumbai and it is so excellent in taste and quality , that I had to virtually restrict myself on eating it all day to the exclusion of everything else. I am no longer in India and miss it terribly.

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