August 31, 2018 Yummy Eggwich

Yummy Eggwich

by Hosang Gandhi

It’s like a sandwich made of eggs! (eggs instead of bread) Eggwich !


4 Eggs

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Tomato Chutney

Ghee, Oil or Butter as needed

1/4 cup grated cheese


1. Best 4 eggs in a bowl.

2. Take a small fry pan (8-9 inch) and heat oil /butter.

Follow steps below:

Yummy Eggwich 1: Take a small fry pan and heat oil or Butter, pour half the the beaten eggs into fry pan. Sprinkle salt on it. Make a 3-4 mm layer.



Yummy Eggwich 2: Cover and cook it unti it is done.
Yummy Eggwich 3: Take the fry pan aside from flame and put any chutney or sauce that your taste buds desire. (I used spicy home made tomato chutney. One can use green chutney, Schezwan sauce or simple ketchup.


Yummy Eggwich 4 : Spread it evenly.


Yummy Eggwich 5 : Sprinkle some cheese over it and again put pan on flame.


Yummy Eggwich 6 : Pour remaing egg over it and sprinkle salt, pepper to taste.


Yummy Eggwich 7 : Cover and let it cook on low flame. Topy layer should solidify. Keep the flame as low as possible so that the bottom layer does not burn and become darl brown.



Yummy Eggwich 8 : Time to flip it. Take a plate and remove to put it back on the other side in the pan.


Yummy Eggwich 9 : Cook for a minute or two.


Yummy Eggwich 10 : Take out in serving plate.


Yummy Eggwich 11 : Cut in half and serve immediately. Eggwich is ready!


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