Wedding Pickle called Lagan nu Achar in Gujarati

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Lagan nu Achaar

Pickle made from carrots, ginger, raisins and healthy spices.

Parsis enjoy rich feasts at their weddings and celebrations. People-in-the-know love it when they are invited to a friend’s wedding. Weddings are huge affairs. Guests are seated at long tables spread with white tablecloths.

The First serving begins with a cold drink usually a raspberry, pineapple or orange soda.
Next come the bio-degradable banana leaves or plates hot and clean for the feast to begin.
Fried rice wafers and a wedding pickle made from carrots and dry fruits. This pickle is called Lagan nu Achar in Gujarati (recipe in my cookbook). 

You can order this Wedding pickle / Lagan nu Achar from Rita in USA. Please use contact form.

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